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First Steps for our design & install package



Before you Place an Order with us


When a new potential customer approaches us, we will first arrange to visit their building to discuss their particular needs. If we are discussing a lighting project we will probably suggest that we organise a demonstration to show the possibilities open to them. We will then work with you, your governing body and other parties if necessary, to propose a scheme to suit your specific needs as well as being as economical as possible.



Once you have placed your order


When you decide to proceed with the scheme, we will visit you to discuss how the project will be undertaken. We always aim to provide a programme of works that minimises disruption to your worship. Where possible we will ensure that worship or periodic use will be possible throughout the programme. To ensure a high level of safety; Health & Safety plans are issued for every project.



The project will be undertaken by our own experienced staff


We do not contract the work out to third parties as we believe that we can deliver work of the highest quality only if we have full control of the installation team. During the project we will meet with you regularly to discuss progress and to resolve any issues that may have arisen.



Once the Job is Completed


We very much value the on-going relationships that we have with our customers. All our work is guaranteed, so if there are any problems we will ensure that the installation will be rectified within the guarantee period.


Although the lamps that we use on lighting projects typically have a long lifespan re-lamping is necessary from time to time. It is often better to replace all lamps at high level, and other places that don't have easy access, at one go. We offer this as a service to our customers and offer very competitive pricing on replacement lamps.


Our completion documentation will contain the following items:-


  • Electrical Certification
  • As installed drawings
  • Material Specifications & Literature
  • Luminaire schedules
  • Lamp Schedule
  • Instructions
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Health & Safety Information
  • All other documents necessary to each project