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Our Designs - Lighting & Electrical


The key to our lighting designs is our very personal approach, giving you the system that you want, at a cost you can afford, which can be installed by our specialist staff to our very high standards and supported by our on-going maintenance service.


We don't confine our designs to churches; we have been involved in many other building projects such as schools, colleges, heritage buildings, historic buildings/monuments and many others. We also carry out designs for internal and external purposes.


Please see our projects portfolio to see examples of some of our lighting designs & installation works.



Internal lighting design


Our approach to internal lighting design is akin to theatre lighting design, in that we are seeking to create a number of pre-programmed 'scenes' tailored to different services and flexible for the uses of the building.


For example, in a church, you may want 'scenes' for:


  • Sunday morning services with worship group
  • Evensong
  • Weddings
  • Concerts



  • Candle-lit services
  • Baptisms
  • Children's services
  • Seasonal settings etc.
Lighting Demo


Lighting control & flexibility


The programming of each scene is extremely simple and user friendly and set up so that users can easily select the scene that they require for each service & event.


The advantages of the dimming system and the setting of the scenes are as follows:


  • To save running costs by only having on the luminaires that are required for each given service or event.
  • To extend lamp life by dimming/fading between scenes so that the luminaires are not being switched on/off instantly which damages lamps life.
  • To offer simple control of the lighting. Scenes are changed by the push of a single button. Our systems need no special skills to operate – it’s as easy as turning on a light.
  • To create and wonderful effect of seeing the light levels rise in the church/heritage building.
  • Each scene conveys a different mood and may highlight different parts of the building.

Please see our lighting control demonstration.



LED Technology


Great advances in light technology will ensure that the running costs of a new installation are much lower than the running costs would be in an old existing lighting system, even if there are more luminaires and the light levels are much higher.


LED luminaires = less energy consumption & less maintenance.



Bespoke Fittings


We have access to a tremendous range of fittings to suite any building from the medieval period up to the ultra-modern. We can also manufacture our own luminaires to complement the architecture of your building. Please see our portfolio of some of the fittings that we have designed and had manufactured. Bespoke portfolio.


Please do contact us with any questions on electrical & lighting design, and we will be extremely happy to discuss this matter with you in more depth.




We are passionate about protecting the natural environment and because of this we are committed to encouraging the following points as much as possible:


  • Reducing light CO2 emissions with our design schemes.
  • Designing energy efficient electrical schemes.
  • Minimising sending our waste to landfill by recycling where possible.
  • Reducing vehicle CO2 emissions by encouraging use of public transport, use of fuel efficient company cars and sourcing materials locally.
  • Professional disposal of gas filled and mercury lamps.