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Testing & Maintenance


Periodic Requirements for all exisiting electrical systems.


Periodic Test and Inspection of the entire electrical system

Periodic Test and Inspection of the entire electrical system.


All churches are to have the electrical systems tested periodically to determine that the existing system is safe and compliant. By using CES for your testing and inspection, you will have a registered electrical specialist, able to give professional and competent and impartial electrical advice.

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Emergency light testing

Emergency light testing (annual)


Church buildings are open to the public and often incorporate many hirers that use the halls etc. BS5266:2011 states the requirements set out for safe exit of a building during an emergency condition. Local authorities will require emergency lighting and that the system is regularly checked and findings recorded in a log book.

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Lightning Protection system / Lightning conductor

Lightning Protection system (annual)


Lightning protection, conductor and earthing systems should be maintained, visually inspected and tested at regular intervals.

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Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (annual)


All portable appliances should be tested annually as 25% of all electrical shocks and fires occur with the use of portable appliances. Our annual visit will test every portable appliance and tag each appliance appropriately to show its compliance. This annual test is both efficient and affordable.

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